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Winter Booties


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Before you know it, that sweet little baby that you carried has become a child, with feet popping out of the jacket. These winter booties will protect your little one's feet from the cold, wind, snow and rain.

Not only do these booties function as an extension of the jacket, keeping small feet warm and dry, they also fulfill other functions. For instance at the playground when your young toddler wants to make his first attempts at walking but does not yet have proper shoes with soles, or for when he becomes more confident at walking but still asks to be carried, simply pull the booties over his feet or muddy shoes so your clothes and carrier can stay clean on the journey home.

These booties are dirt- and water-repellent - perfect for small explorers to wear over their 'good' shoes in the sand pit.

These booties are available in the same colours and fabric as the Mamalila Winter Babywearing Jacket.


  • Water-repellent, windproof and breathable
  • Machine washable
  • One size - fits over shoes up to size 4.5, or baby feet with socks or soft shoes from age 0 until 2 years
  • Zipper at the heel allows the booties to be put on and taken off with ease
  • Velcro fastener ensures a good fit around the ankle

Fabric and care

Outer: Two-layer laminate by SympaTex. Padding and lining: 100% PES.

Machine washable up to 40 degrees C (warm). You should use a normal washing agent, but please no fabric softener. After washing, the booties can be tumble dried at a medium temperature.

After several washes we would recommend using an FC-free product to refresh water proofing, for example, Nikwax. To refresh the water repellency capacity, simply put the booties in a dryer at a medium temperature setting.


As of November 20, only the grey melange booties are available for pre-order.

Read more about pre-orders.

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